SCOTUS Tramples Liberal State’s Attack On Religion

Through the entire sage of the COVID panic, we’ve seen governments do unthinkable things. State leaders have shut down schools, dooming the education (and well-being) of millions of children. They ordered private businesses to shut their doors, preventing countless Americans from earning a living. But perhaps worst of all was their war on our religious freedoms.

Very quickly, Democrats decided the freedom to worship (protected by our First Amendment) wasn’t that important. Churches were deemed non-essential and in many states they were forced to close. This not only violated the religious rights of millions, it jeopardized the future of those churches—seeing as how they would not be able to receive financial support with their doors closed.

But did Democrats care about trampling the Constitution? Not really. In the past, churches would have been the first place Americans would have gone during a crisis. But today, liberals think they just get in the way. Worse, they blame them from the spread of the disease.

California had some of the heaviest restrictions on churches, outright banning meetings—a ban that lasted to this day. The first was taken all the way to the Supreme Court where, for the first time in a while, the court did the right thing.

In a decision with four separate interpretations, a majority of conservative justices ruled that while the court normally defers to elected officials on public health that Gov. Gavin’s Newsom’s outright ban on church gatherings defied the Constitution.

“The State’s present determination—that the maximum number of adherents who can safely worship in the most cavernous cathedral is zero—appears to reflect not expertise or discretion, but instead insufficient appreciation or consideration of the interests at stake,” Chief Justice John Robert wrote in his partially concurring statement. [Source: Just the News]

As with all legal cases, this one had plenty of complicated elements. Bans on singing or chanting were left up in the air, because the justices didn’t know if they were being applied across “all venues.” The liberal justices dissented on lifting the ban; they obviously don’t think Americans have the right to worship.

The court also gave churches the chance to return if the state turns out to be targeting churches specifically.

It remains to be seen how Democrats will handle the pandemic in the coming months. Some have pointed out their willingness to lesson restrictions, now that Trump is out of office. But many blue states are still slow in reopening—and very reluctant to give churches the chance to meet. This Supreme Court ruling is a win for religious freedoms, but left room for California (and other states) to continue placing bans on worship.

Wouldn’t it be nice if leaders actually took a stand for once? Across America, governors, mayors, and judges keeping going back and forth with the rules. Even the Supreme Court is unwilling to set the record straight on what leaders are or are not allowed to do.

Perhaps Americans will just need to take their liberties back, without asking for permission?