Democrats Play Deceptively Edited Video At Trial

Democrats have played a cleverly edited video of Trump’s speech on January 6, at the beginning of their unconstitutional impeachment trial this Tuesday, leaving out his words of “peacefully and patriotically.”

The video played shows President Trump announcing, “We will walk down and I will be there with you. We are going to walk to the Capitol.”

The video then jumps to Trump supporters yelling, “Let’s take the Capitol!.” It then jumps to people trying to push through fences, and then to an earlier part of Trump’s speech where he talks about his fight against the stolen election, “we fight like hell.”

The video then claims: “President Donald Trump concludes his speech and encourages his mob to move to the Capitol.”

It then shows President Trump claiming they would all go to Pennsylvania Avenue to give weak Republicans the boldness they need to take America back.

The video then cuts back to protesters who are clashing with officers, protesters breaking through the Capitol, with some chanting “Fight for Trump!”

The video was crafted to make it look like Trump had pushed supporters to go breach the Capitol building.

However, nowhere during his speech did Trump call for violence, and he even said supporters should “peacefully” make their voices known.

But Democrats, along with their media conspirators, have worked to edit that part out.