Liberal Media Panics Over Trump’s Planned Return

Former President Trump is already planning his comeback.

Politico has reported insider information from those close to President Trump. Their report dropped on Tuesday – the same day as the impeachment trial was starting in the Senate.

Since leaving Washington, Trump has relaxed and golfed and made few public appearances, Politico said.

“He has compared this to the time in between seasons of his show ‘The Apprentice,’ building anticipation for what is coming,” one adviser told the publication. Speaking of the time between President Trump’s exit, impeachment acquittal, and political return.

Politico says Trump has been shocked by the level of media coverage of his few public appearances. And he seems to be unconcerned about the impeachment trial, Politico said.

“At this moment, Trump knows he has 45 votes, all he has to do is golf and do nothing,’” one of his aides said to Politico.

It was also reported that President Trump appears to be keeping his influence over the GOP.  

“It’s been over a month since the Capitol protest and I believe, mostly, the Republican party has coalesced back behind him,” said a former campaign official.

NPR issued a report that Trump will continue exercising his influence within the Republican party.

They said Donald Trump’s influence over half of the GOP makes him a powerful figure as the party prepares for the upcoming midterms in 2022 and the ultimate question of a candidate for 2024.