Newsom Recall Finally Underway

It’s no secret that many California residents are not happy with their governor. Once upon a time, Gavin Newsom enjoyed a remarkably high approval rating. Just last year, in September, he had a reported 65% approval among voters. But after only a few months, that approval plummeted to around 43%.

Why the drastic change? You can piece it together on your own. From the very start of the COVID pandemic, Newsom has been showing a shocking lack of leadership. Early on, he had no clue what to do—until Donald Trump stepped in to surge support to the state.

Newsom’s strategy of “controlling” the disease was to lock down his state to the extreme. He reviled New York in the absurd, over-the-top approach to “slowing the spread.” Not only were schools and countless small businesses closed, but Newsom took greater measures to infringe on churches’ First Amendment rights.

An effort to recall the governor gained momentum in recent months. Now, one of the movement’s organizers says they have reached a crucial milestone.

Organizers behind the effort to recall California Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom said late on Wednesday evening that they have reached the number of signatures required to force a recall election this year…

Following the publication of this article, Michaelson changed his reporting to state that the group has “NOT hit the 1.5 million signatures needed to force a recall…YET,” according to a group leading the recall effort.

However, “Tom Del Becarro, chair of the Rescue California PAC (a major recall supporter), said they HAVE reached the 1.5 million vote threshold, but wants to get to 1.9 million signatures by the end of March,” Michaelson added. “Economy disputes that figure & says he’s the sole spokesman for the campaign.” [Source: Daily Wire]

To recall the governor, the petition requires 1.4 million signatures from California residents. That would put the recall election on the ballot in November. It would essentially trigger a new governor’s race this year. Already Republican candidates have expressed a willingness to jump into the fray to replace the failing Newsom.

One member of the recall effort says they have not hit the 1.4 million mark. But another, named Tom Del Becarro, says they have 1.5 million and want to reach 1.9 by the end of March.

It’s possible Del Becarro’s group, Rescue California PAC, has acquired the needed signatures to meet the 1.4 requirement. Another member of the movement appears to be saying they have not hit that number yet, but are close.

Another supporter says they reached 1.4 million on February 3. All of it needs to be verified, but at this point, it appears they will have more than enough signatures to trigger a recall vote.

The question, then, is will Newsom actually get voted out of office? If the election were held today, it would be a certainty. Newsom’s approval remains low and the state has the worst COVID numbers of any other (finally beating New York in the number of deaths). Even though Newsom has talked about reopening, they are still far behind most states when it comes to schools and businesses.

But by November, who knows? It will take a strong campaign against him to seal his fate. One thing that is most likely to happen, though, is that Newsom won’t work very hard to turn the situation around.