Springsteen Hit With Humiliating Charges

Liberal musician Bruce Springsteen, who was in a politically-charged Jeep commercial that first aired during the Super Bowl, is reportedly facing charges for driving while intoxicated. These charges date back to a November arrest.

The rocker and Biden supporter is fighting a DWI case after he was detained on November 14 in his home state of New Jersey, according to reports. Springsteen was hit with a DWI, reckless driving, and consuming an alcoholic beverage within a closed area. He is expected to show up for court in the coming weeks.

A National Park Service spokeswoman has confirmed that Springsteen, who is 71, was arrested at Gateway National Recreation Area and had “cooperated throughout the process.” The arrest happened in Sandy Hook, New Jersey.

Springsteen’s traffic problems come days after he starred in a two-minute Jeep ad in which he drove a vehicle and encouraged political unity. The TV spot, titled “The Middle,” also urged Americans to try to work toward the political middle.

“Wherever you are from, whoever you are, it’s what connects all Americans, and we need it. We need the middle,” Springsteen stated in the commercial.

The commercial ends with the phrase “To the Reunited States of America.”

Springsteen’s demand for unity is after months of trashing President Trump, with him at one point saying he would leave the country if President Trump got re-elected. The singer endorsed Biden’s campaign and even sang during Biden’s inauguration celebration.