Democrats Forsake Cuomo As Scrutiny Mounts

You might not live in New York, but chances are during the lockdowns you heard all about how great New York Gov. Cuomo was. Funny how the media praised him like a hero, as New York suffered tremendous consequences from his pandemic response.

At the outset of the crisis, Cuomo appeared visionless and panicked. It was only because of the surge of help from President Trump, that New York weathered the storm. But it was Cuomo that got all the praise, despite a scandal he worked so hard to hid.

Now, it appears the FBI is finally getting around to investigating why Cuomo ordered sick COVID patients to be returned to nursing homes. The move almost certainly caused far more residents to get sick and die, a fact Cuomo’s top aide recently admitted she hid from the public.

Seeing that Cuomo is under the gun, his Democratic allies in the state are trying to shut him down for good.

Democratic leaders of the New York State Senate are moving to strip Gov. Andrew Cuomo of his emergency powers as the embattled executive continues to suffer fallout over his handling of the pandemic…

Stripping Cuomo of his emergency powers granted during the COVID-19 outbreak would be a stunning rebuke of the governor’s handling of the pandemic by his party allies in the state legislature…

News of the Democratic-led push to curb the New York governor comes amid reports that Cuomo is under investigation by the Department of Justice and the FBI. [Source: Daily Wire]

Rarely do we see Democrats turn on each other. But apparently the actions of Gov. Cuomo were so shocking, these liberal lawmakers had to find a way to rebuke him. By stripping him of his significant emergency powers, they are effectively saying, “We don’t trust you to led us through this crisis.”

But before you think they did think because it was the right thing to do, think again. There was little sign these Democrats were going to confront Cuomo over his COVID decisions, until it came out that the FBI was investigating him. And that only happened after his aide admitted they covered up the nursing home deaths.

It’s possible these state lawmakers are suddenly rebuking Cuomo just to distance themselves from him. They might be trying to protect their own image (and careers) as the heat is turned up on Cuomo. If that’s the case, it’d be pretty sad. These numbskulls in New York sat around doing nothing, as the China virus wreaked havoc on the state.

Only now, to save their own bacon, are these lawmakers doing something to change the situation.

Stripping Cuomo of emergency powers would reduce his ability to make decisions all on his own. It would require the governor’s office to cooperate with the state legislature, before he could set new rules or even COVID restrictions. It’s something most states should be doing from the beginning, to maintain a balance of power and prevent governors from out-of-control power grabs.

But the real question is: will Cuomo be held accountable for the unnecessary deaths he’s responsible for?