Establishment GOPs Trembling In Light Of Trump’s Return

According to a new survey, almost half of conservatives say they will leave the GOP to join a third-party created by former President Trump. That does not look good for the Republican establishment. 

The new survey put out by Suffolk University and USA Today found a shocking 46 percent of conservatives are ready to leave the Republican party in order to join Donald Trump. Only 27 percent of Republicans said they would stay in the GOP, with the rest saying they were undecided. 

No wonder the establishment jumped at the opportunity to disqualify Trump from running for office in 2024. Nearly half of the GOP are waiting to abandon ship to join Trump. 

And voters are not ignoring the lawmakers who supported the second impeachment against President Trump. Eight in 10 conservatives said they are less likely to vote for a politician who backed impeachment. Ten GOP House members joined with Democrats to impeach Donald Trump, and seven GOP senators did the same. Many of those back-stabbing Republicans are now facing censures back at home. 

The survey also discovered that a whopping majority of Republicans are not overlooking voting irregularities in the election either. With 73 percent of Republicans saying that Biden did not legitimately win the election, and most Republicans don’t want their representatives cooperating with a president they see as illegitimate. 

This poll seems to show that a big majority of Republicans want someone like Donald Trump to fight for them. People are sick and tired of GOP “leaders” who only have a spine when it comes to denouncing other Republicans.