Top Democrat In Hot Water After Taxpayer-Funded Shopping Spree

Why is it that every time we turn over a rock, we find a Democrat breaking the rules? It seems that these politicians, especially at the state level, don’t think anyone is watching them. Or, they think that they have so much influence and power, they can do whatever they want.

We watched Democrats governors act like dictators over the course of the pandemic. Ignoring what state legislatures wanted, they passed ridiculous lockdown measures that crippled businesses and denied Americans basic rights. Often, those very same governors—like Gavin Newsom and Gretchen Whitmer—were caught ignoring the rules they put into place.

Governor Cuomo of New York was recently outed for a cover-up over nursing home deaths. They at least sparked an FBI investigation. But this latest governor scandal is getting plenty of people outraged. An investigation is sure to follow.

Democratic New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham reportedly used thousands in taxpayer funds to purchase groceries, liquor, and dry cleaning for her personal use.

Grisham racked up a $13,500 tab during the last six months of 2020, according to financial disclosures reported on by the Sante Fe New Mexican. Her bill allegedly included $6,500 in luxurious groceries such as Wagyu beef and tuna steaks, as well as bottles of tequila, vodka, gin, wine, and beer.

Grisham or one of her surrogates allegedly spent $200 on alcohol during one visit to Sam’s Club, and also used tax dollars to pay for her dry cleaning. [Source: Daily Wire]

Republicans within the state government slammed Lujan Grisham, saying she thinks she’s “more privileged” than the rest of New Mexico. As regular folks struggled to make ends meet and find work, their governor was spending their money on extravagant luxuries and alcohol.

Lawmakers are calling her out for using discretionary money—cash reserved for urgent needs related to government work—for her personal use, instead of her own finances. While this money can be used by the governor for various needs, the fact she used it for her own personal use is troubling. There might be cause to launch an investigation—it might end up being considered illegal.

Regardless of the legality of such a move, it will not go over well with residents. As Americans suffered under ongoing COVID restrictions, New Mexico’s governor was living it up. Like Nancy Pelosi and her refrigerator full of gourmet ice cream, Michelle Lujan Grisham did not spare from buying expensive groceries and bottles of tequila, vodka, and wine.

Not really suffering alone with the masses, are you Michelle?

On top of that, this governor joins the ranks of other Democrats who imposed harsh rules, but did not follow them herself.

Grisham also took flak for holding meetings at the governor’s mansion when she advised New Mexicans to avoid even family gatherings. [Source: Daily Wire]

Time and again we see that Democrats appear to think they are above the rest of us. They impose rules and laws that create heavy burdens for everyday Americans, but they never intended to follow them. I can’t say what is in the cards for Ms. Lujan Grisham, but it certainly won’t be good.