Cruz Reveals Stunning Truth About His Cancun Trip

If you live anywhere East of the Colorado Rockies, you know all about the extreme cold weather that hit the country last week. You probably also learned about how Texas was unable to handle the freezing temperatures and sudden demand in power. Large portions of the state were without heat and electricity for days, as unprecedented winter weather brought it to its knees.

While this was all happening, it was leaked that Texas Senator Ted Cruz, had flown to Mexico. The media had a field day, claiming the conservative was “fleeing” the state as millions were suffering. As usual, the left tried to exploit a natural event to push their partisan politics, claiming this Republican (who has fought for Texas for years) was suddenly an uncaring hypocrite.

It turns out, Cruz was accompanying his daughter for a trip (if asked, every person would do this during a winter storm, if they had the chance). Many came to his side, claiming that there was little the senator could do in person to help that he couldn’t do away. Despite that, Cruz returned to Texas immediately and was seen helping out in any way he could. Had he been a Democrat, the media would have forgiven him. Of course, they didn’t.

Now, Cruz is hitting back.

He also took a jab at the media, describing its current condition as “suffering from Trump withdrawal.

“I think the media is suffering from Trump withdrawal where they’ve attacked Trump every day for four years,” Cruz added. “They don’t know what to do. So they obsess over my taking my girls to the beach. I’ve got to tell you, today, I asked Merrick Garland if he would open an investigation into Andrew Cuomo’s shameful policies. A senior Cuomo aide admitted they lied. They covered up the policies that sent COVID-positive people into nursing homes and may well have resulted in the deaths of thousands or tens of thousands. Merrick Garland wouldn’t commit to investigate it. And the media won’t even cover it.” [Source: Breitbart]

Cruz hammered the media for their unreasonable attacks against him and his family. He accused the toxic, leftist industry from suffering from “Trump withdrawal.” Without Trump in office, the media has lost one of their biggest sources of hate-inspiring poison. Trump himself even said that the liberal media would go out of business if it weren’t for him.

It seems he was right, as they quickly looked for a new conservative to heap abuse on. Cruz pointed out that the media is refusing to cover the shocking scandal exploding in New York right now. Cuomo has covered up thousands of nursing home deaths, sparking a federal investigation. Yet the media appears to be protecting the Democrat. Meanwhile, they are outraged that Cruz would go to the beach with his daughters.

Cruz is, of course, right about the MSM. Without Trump, they just might lose whatever audience they had left. All they can do to stir up clicks and views is to find a new Republican to complain about. But they won’t get very far with Cruz. He’s not about to cower to their pathetic attacks.

All they have left to do, I guess, is die.