AOC’s Silence Is Deafening After Biden Opens Child Detention Centers

I guess a Democrat’s convictions change, depending on the weather? Or maybe they aren’t as upset at supposed acts of injustice… when their own party commits them? I’m talking, of course, about Democratic congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who frequently grabs headlines for her pretentious, over-the-top statements and attacks against conservatives.

You might remember her ridiculous performance back when Trump was in office. She “wept” in front of a detention center at the border, calling it a “concentration camp.” The ignorant and self-absorbed politician accused the Trump administration of mistreating children, despite evidence to the contrary.

But this week, Joe Biden reopened the very same detention center AOC was so adamantly opposed to. I guess we can expect the same kind of reaction as before. But, what is this? When the news first hit, AOC was totally silent. It wasn’t until after people started prodding her that she responded. It wasn’t too impressive.

Far-left Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) was mocked online Tuesday evening for giving only a mild criticism to President Joe Biden’s decision to open an immigrant detention facility for kids—something she called “concentration camps” when it was under President Donald Trump…

“It’s only 2 mos into this admin & our fraught, unjust immigration system will not transform in that time,” Ocasio-Cortez continued, in what appeared to be a reversal of her earlier statement, which was only a mild criticism compared to her over-the-top false claims made during the Trump-era. [Source: Daily Wire]

How interesting. When Trump used the facility thanks to a surge of migrants at the border, AOC compared him to Nazis. When Biden reopened the facility because a new surge and concerns over COVID, all AOC can do is apparently make excuses. Sounds like she is almost supporting the move, doesn’t it?

She claims that “two months” is not long enough time to “transform” what she calls an “unjust immigration” system. Really, Alex? This isn’t about transforming anything, but the reopening of a center you called a “concentration camp.” Seems to me, Biden doesn’t have to reform the whole system just to keep that building closed.

Critics slammed AOC’s weak response by saying she gave Biden a mere “slap on the wrist.” Others mocked her “strongly worded email.” And others said it was a “far cry” from how she handled the detention center under Donald Trump.

The reality is, AOC was never truly concerned for migrant children at the border. Her “weeping” at the center was a publicity stunt, made by a woman who simply wants attention. Everything she’s done as a politician has been noise, no substance. The proof is in how she responded to Biden.

This only reveals the greater hypocrisy at the Democratic Party. If AOC and other leftists really want to reform immigration–why aren’t they fighting it right now? Why isn’t she demanding a radical change to our border policy and putting forward legislation to that effect?

Instead, she sits back and betrays her own previous agenda and values. Not that we’re surprised.