McConnell’s Treachery Reaches Staggering New Heights

Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell admits he will vote for Biden’s Attorney General nominee, Merrick Garland, discussing the matter on Tuesday with Politico.

Garland’s hearing took a partisan angle, when he vowed to prioritize prosecutions of trespassers involved in the January 6th event.

Garland might be among President Biden’s most radical team members, and some people question if he wants to get revenge on Republicans for denying his SCOTUS nomination in 2016. He has expressed a legal philosophy that did not see illegal immigration as a crime, a radical part of Biden’s “America Last” approach that puts illegal aliens over Americans.

Garland had compared a handful of protesters trespassing to the Oklahoma city bombing, saying the incident would be his highest priority as AG. But in reality, most of the people who were in the event are charged with misdemeanors- a far step from “insurrection.” Garland pushed on to mention vague “domestic extremism” as an imminent threat, a recurring talking point from Biden’s people looking for an easy way to target and criminalize anything that challenges globalism.

McConnell might regret handing a green light to Biden’s personal attorney. With the Democrat-Media complex looking to build a totalitarian system, Garland will be a crucial figure in the coming attack on traditional America, aiming to replace it with an anti-white system in which hatred of Western civilization reigns supreme.