Leaked Video Uncovers Elite Plans To Destroy Conservatives

A video has been published by Project Veritas that reveals the CEO of Salesforce detailing how all conservative people will be blocked out of the corporate market with the Capitol Hill protests being leveraged as an excuse to start this terrifying power-grab.

Salesforce President Bret Taylor said the organization would be removing people and companies for conservative speech, such as pushing for accountability on voter fraud, because that is now seen as incitement of violence.

“What we’ve done after the event on Capitol Hill, is taken into account a much wider range of messages as incitement of violence. We’ve talked to the RNC to express that no messages on behalf of Trump or messages questioning the election are allowed given the conditions in America right now,” Taylor said in the message explaining his new censorship.

Project Veritas was removed by Salesforce without any obvious breaking of their rules. James O’Keefe says a whistleblower stepped forward days after to reveal the truth

The leaked recording shows how the elite plan to freeze conservatives out of the market, and they won’t need to microchip us to enforce their system of complete control. Taylor congratulated himself for his part in manifesting this totalitarian Nightmare.

“I will remind you we deal with these questions more thoughtfully than any other tech company. We have an Office of Ethical Humane Use of Technology,” Taylor stated.

Watch the full video here:

These leaks from Salesforce prove how elite leaders will congratulate each other as they force Orwellian censorship on America and devastate the Constitution.