Love For Biden Plummets After Child Scandal Goes Public

My how the worm turns, huh? Back when we were facing a border crisis during the Trump administration, our government had no choice but to hold children in centers. It was a common practice to ensure they were getting the medical attention they needed. But, according to the law, they were not withheld from their families more than 72 hours.

Yet Democrats rioted over Trump holding children in “cages.” Of course, the only evidence that children were being held in subpar conditions, came from the Obama administration. That didn’t stop the MSM from spreading lies that Trump was abusing children. With pressure from the public, Trump ended the practice and worked hard to ensure migrant children were safe, while staying with their families.

Now, with Biden at the helm, children are once again being detained in the very same centers AOC once called “concentration camps.” Yet even the left-wing socialist has refused to condemn Biden, making excuses for doing the exact same thing as Trump (who ended it out of concern for the kids).

But how many Democrats are upset that Biden continues the practice, even holding these children longer than the law allows?

The Biden Administration faces increasing criticism for holding unaccompanied migrant children in Border Patrol custody–some longer than the legal 72-hour limit.

Axios reported from a leaked Customs and Border Protection document that the Biden Administration held more than 700 Unaccompanied Alien Children in Border Patrol custody as of Sunday. At least 200 of those children were held by Border Patrol for more than 48 hours — nine were held more than the legal 72-hour limit. [Source: Breitbart]

According to reports, the number of minors increased to 800 by Tuesday, with 200 of them being held longer than 72 hours.

Plenty of people are upset. Biden and the left continued to push the false narrative that Trump was being abusing to migrant children. Yet, from all appearances, Biden was doing much worse to these kids–even breaking the law to keep them detained.

Psaki, Biden’s failing press secretary, has tried to spin the situation. She blamed the Texas winter chill from last week and claimed that this child detention practice was much different that Trump’s child detention practice. Mainly because Biden’s a Democrat and the media shouldn’t bother holding him to the same standard.

This is pretty typical for the left. They went out of their way to complain about everything Trump did, spinning basic practices into major scandals. But when they do the very same things (or go much further) suddenly, it’s okay.

But the fact remains that Biden is holding children in subpar detention centers, away from their families, longer than the law allows. And his administration just expects the media and public to look the other way.

It doesn’t seem to be working out that way, though. The public and media are growing angrier each day that Biden has become so two-faced. But don’t expect the problem to go away overnight.