Republicans Flip The Mask Mandate Script On Democrats

North Dakota’s GOP-controlled House passed a bill forbidding mandatory face mask rules.

“North Dakota is not a prison camp,” said Rep. Jeff Hoverson, the sponsor of the bill.

“The mask mandate is a part of a bigger movement of unelected officials who are destroying our freedoms and pushing lies,” he said.

The state’s House voted 50-44 this Monday to block the state government, along with local governments and school systems from forcing mask mandates onto citizens. It will next go to the GOP-controlled state Senate.

Governor Doug Burgmun (R), issued a state-level mask mandate back in November, saying, “The science demands more mitigation efforts to reverse these trends.”

He ceased the mandate two months after.

GOP state Rep. Jason Dockter said that Hoverson’s bill would dis-empower local governments, saying cities and counties should have a say on issues regarding covid.

“If people want to have a mask mandate, they should be allowed to have that choice,” Dockter said. “They should also be able to not have a mandate.”

Dr. Anthony Fauci said this week that face masks will likely be a part of life all the way into 2022.

He also warned that people who received the vaccine should still not go to restaurants or movie theaters.