Biden’s Wage Hike Just Hit a Massive Roadblock

Time and again, Democrats across the country have demanded a hike to the minimum wage. They want to raise the federal minimum from $7.50 to $15 per hour. As nice as that sounds to an entry-level worker, the massive hike has been shown to be devastating to the economy and jobs.

States that have already implemented the hike have seen jobs flee. Companies that cannot afford the hike either lay off employees or shut their doors. Franchises, like fast food chains, end up replacing workers with automated systems or kiosks. A current study by a bipartisan federal office revealed that the wage hike would result in 1.5 million Americans losing their jobs.

Despite this, Democrats and Joe Biden are demanding it be put into their bloated COVID relief effort.

But now, their dreams are being dashed, because they are pushing the nuclear option.

The Democrat-endorsed COVID-19 relief bill cannot include a provision to raise the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour if the bill were passed through the reconciliation process, the parliamentarian for the U.S. Senate announced on Thursday…

Under the reconciliation process, the Senate can pass a bill with a filibuster-proof simple majority, but any amendment must be germane, according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. [Source: Daily Wire]

In order to avoid working with Republicans to pass a new COVID relief bill, Democrats are forcing their agenda through with a reconciliation to the budget. That might help them bypass cooperating with Republicans, but the loophole limits the scope of the bill. The Senate parliamentarian revealed they can’t add the $15/hour wage hike, but it does not affect the federal budget.

Pelosi is still determined to pass the wage hike in the House. But the Senate will have a problem once it reaches their chamber. Schumer either has to scrap it or rewrite it so it meets Senate standards. But considering this new wrinkle, this radical wage hike might not see the light of day.

Republicans, of course, provided an alternative solution. They want to raise the minimum wage to $10 and hour over the next few years. Small businesses will have more time to roll out the new rule, with wages raising every few years to match inflation.

Such a proposal won’t please the far-left, but it might be a more sensible and effective approach to the problem. Democrats seem to want to buy voters’ support with unrealistic promises like $15/hour. But they never think through their plans, nor do they realize the negative impact it will have on the country.

As it stands, the wage hike’s fate is still undecided. Even with this ruling, Democrats continue to defy the law, common sense, and the will of Americans.

But the harder they try to get their way–with support from Republicans–the more it looks like they’ll fail.