Marjorie Greene Hilariously Gets Revenge On The ATF

Outspoken and controversial lawmaker Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is causing a new wave of anger with her recent AR-15 giveaway that is meant to prove her vow to fight against Biden’s gun ban.

Greene, who gave away two guns during her recent campaign in Georgia, is giving someone a weapon from the state of New Hampshire to drive home her pro-gun support.

The gun in question is called a “Honey Badger,” an AR-15 with a pistol style that the ATF once tried to ban last year before pausing due to pushback from angry gun owners, including Trump Jr., who has used similar guns.

“Biden wants to ban this. The ATF tried too,” she said about the Q LLC gun which carries a price tag of $2,900.

“I’m giving someone this Honey Badger by Q because gungrabbers hate it,” Greene said.

She also mentioned that most semi-auto weapons would be banned under legislation inside Congress supported by Democrats. The bill, H.R. 127, “would force Americans to register so tyrannical agents can confiscate your guns sometimes in the future.”

Biden has promised gun control and was the top author of the 1994 assault rifle ban. That ban expired during President Bush’s presidency, and the AR-15 has become a top seller since then.

“That won’t happen with me in Washington,” Greene said.

Earlier this month, the lawmaker introduced the idea of a national sanctuary plan like the one in certain state legislatures right now. Which would preemptively stop Biden’s gun control agenda.

The ATF sought to ban the Honey Badger, saying it was advertised as a short rifle, and that those require ATF approval.

Putting your name into Greene’s giveaway is free for your first chance.

“I can’t wait for a patriot to win this amazing firearm,” she said.