Antifa Returns To Rioting — You Won’t Believe Why

Suspected Anifa members have rioted against President Biden in Portland, forcing businesses to protect themselves from vandalism.

150 or so “anti-ICE” rioters went through downtown Portland over the weekend to protest Biden’s decision to keep deporting migrants under Trump’s rules and after news came out of a detention facility for children on the US-Mexico border.

Reports say the riot was the largest in weeks.

Although news coverage of ongoing riots in Portland has largely gone away, the far-left extremists have not gone away. On the day President Biden was inaugurated, suspected anti-white terrorists vandalized the city’s DNC headquarters, and last month, Federal law enforcement were sent in to defend an ICE building. They fought with the rioters and were forced to use non-lethal crowd control methods like tear gas.

One sign in the crowd read: “We are ungovernable.”

Saturday night’s riots were triggered by Biden’s immigration policies, which are seemingly different from Trump’s, but not as extreme as some anti-white democrats demand.

“Profanity-filled slogans were spray-painted all over ICE’s office,” Fox News reported. “Police started arresting rioters around 7 p.m. and warned them if they didn’t leave, they could have tear gas used against them.”

Police said in a message that while tear gas was restricted it could be used if their warnings went ignored.

“This has been happening for nine months. When do we get enough help to finally fix this?” one business owner told reporters.