Trump Tears Into Biden During CPAC

Former President Trump repeatedly ripped into President Biden during his speech at CPAC over a plethora of issues ranging from the border to children not being in school.

“This has been the most disastrous first month of any president in history,” Trump said. “Biden has already proven he is anti-family, anti-jobs, anti-borders, anti-women, anti-science and anti-energy. In just thirty days, we have went from America first to America last.”

Trump slammed Biden for his “indifference toward working families” by not working to get children back to school.

“They must get back in school right now,” Trump said. “Biden is bragging about the education he is giving to migrants on the border while American children are having their futures dismantled by his school closures.”

“There’s no reason why the majority of American kids should not be back in school,” Trump said. “The only reason that parents don’t have that choice is because Biden sold out your kids to the teachers’ unions. He has shamefully betrayed our youth, and he is cruelly keeping them locked in their homes, for no reason whatsoever.”