Democrats Take Gun Control Up Another Terrifying Notch

Biden is considering a vote on gun control legislation in the next couple of weeks.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats are reportedly turning their focus to other far-left issues that Biden has on his agenda, including gun control, after they passed his relief plan last week.

The report claimed that Democrats want to “force through as much as they can” over the next two weeks.

“And Democrats might schedule another vote on a bill requiring universal background checks on gun sales (H.R. 8),” it was reported. 

“Another piece of legislation, what Democrats call the ‘Charleston Loophole,’ which lets gun purchases proceed if the background check is not completed in three days. 

Both bills passed the House only to be stopped by Senate Republicans.”

The NRA tweeted out a warning that Democrats’ extreme gun control agenda would make its way to Congress in the next weeks.

There is no limit to what the Biden White House will do when it comes to gun rights. From taxing gun ownership, banning assault rifles, banning magazines and offering no compromises on the issue. Plus making comments like a ‘rational gun policy‘ is ensuring ‘you cannot have 50 clips in a weapon.’ 

The founder of the Second Amendment Foundation, Alan Gottlieb, has echoed the NRA’s concern. Saying during an interview recently that Biden has launched a “four-sided attack against gun ownership,” which did not even include possible executive orders.