‘Fact-Checker’ Humiliates Himself While Trying to Insult Trump

In an age of unchecked fake news and false narratives spread as truth, the need for decent, honest fact-checkers has never been needed more. The problem? The vast majority of “fact-checkers” out there work for the same people who are spreading fake news and bogus narratives!

They claim to be the ones holding politicians accountable, changing a president’s claims by “checking” the facts. But all too often these people are compromised by the same agenda as the rest of the MSM media. You can see them try to twist the facts to fit their claims—as bad or worse as the dishonest politicians they are supposed to be checking.

But it’s especially embarrassing when it’s the fact-checker who goes out of his way to undermine someone actually being honest. Case in point, a Washington Post fact-checker tried to slam Trump after his much-celebrated CPAC speech. He tried to turn one of Trump’s criticism of Biden back onto the former president. Sadly, the arrogant liberal forgot how to count.

In his hour-plus address, Trump at one point blasted President Joe Biden for continued school closings.

“Trump complaining about kids not back in schools yet. Who was president a month ago?” Kessler wrote on Twitter…

But, uh, Biden was president a month ago. In fact, he had been president for 40 days when Kessler posted his tweet. [Source: Daily Wire]

Wow, how embarrassing for a fact-checker to get such basic facts like dates wrong! This, kids, is why you should never listen to a leftist. Kessler’s hatred of Trump runs so deep, even after he’s out of office, the “fact-checker” needs to bash him. But Kessler was so eager to slam the former president, he couldn’t even stop to double-check who was president a month ago.

As you can imagine, people online were merciless.

“Who will fact-check the fact checkers in post-America when there’s only the Official Narrative on social media and everywhere else?” wrote another…

Another said Biden was president a month ago, but “rather than focus on America’s children he decided to bomb Syria’s children instead!”

… Said still another: “The best part about this tweet is this guy is literally a professional ‘fact checker,’” adding a face with tears of joy emoji. [Source: Daily Wire]

President Trump was fighting to reopen schools before the new school year began, back in the summer of 2020. While some states worked hard to return to a semi-normal school schedule, even today many schools remain shut.

Trump criticized Biden for not even trying to get teacher’s unions to move on this issue. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that these unions are largely Democrat and donate millions to the party?

I guess Biden bows to unions, as long as they’re not labor unions.

It’s particularly odd that Kessler wanted to slam Trump over this issue. We all know the facts about COVID—that it produces minimal impact on children. Yet the left continues to spread the narrative that COVID is a bogeyman about which we know nothing. That we still need to live in a state of fear, huddled in our homes, as the liberal elite go about their normal lives.

Maybe, just maybe, if Kessler was honest for just a second, he wouldn’t have humiliated himself.