John Brennan’s Anti-White Comments Are Completely Laughable

Former CIA Director John Brennan said to MSNBC that he is feeling shame for being a white man because of what others have recently said.

“I’m embarrassed to be a white man, with what I hear other white men saying. It proves, with a few exceptions, like Cheney, Romney, Kinzinger, there are so few GOP members that value truth. And so they will keep gas-lighting the nation, the way Trump did,” Brennan said.

“It is a disgusting show of bad politics that should have no place in America,” he said.

Brennan has, in the past, been called out for lying to Congress about CIA spying against congressional staffers who were researching the agency’s torture methods.

“When it comes to these allegations, of the CIA breaking into Senate computers, nothing could be further from the facts,” Brennan said to NBC in 2014. “That’s beyond the scope of what we would do.”

After what the CIA did became known, Brennan apologized to lawmakers, and even Democrats slammed him for going too far. Brennan later became a news favorite after he transformed into a vehement anti-Trumper.