Texas Governor Demolishes Democrats’ Lockdown Tyranny

Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) has announced a plan to reopen all businesses, and end mask mandates in the state.

“Everybody should have the opportunity to work,” Abbott said. “Every business that chooses to open, can be opened.”

On Tuesday, Abbott announced businesses will be allowed to open next Wednesday at 100 percent capacity, and that face masks will not be needed.

The governor then added that citizens are responsible for themselves and must use good judgement to avoid infections.

“Too many Texans were sidelined from employment possibilities. Too many business owners have struggled during this time,” Abbott stated. “This must end. It is time to reopen Texas fully, 100 percent.”

Abbott continued to say Texas has the current lowest rate of new infections, and that hospitalizations have also greatly reduced. He also stressed that there is no point in keeping useless restrictions in place.