The Truth About Antifa And Capitol Hill Emerges — And Democrats Are Losing It

A new Harvard-Harris poll, which polled 1,778 voters, found that 71 percent of respondents think that ANTIFA is a “domestic terrorist group.”

When the pollsters asked what is more troubling, the violence within cities during the Antifa riots or the events at the Capitol? The violence within cities won by 55 percent.

The poll then asked another question:

Do you believe the Capitol Hill event is being used by politicians to destroy legitimate movements or do you believe there is no such suppression? Sixty-two Percent said there was political suppression. While thirty-six percent said no such suppression was happening.

According to the poll, President Biden’s least popular agenda are:

  1. Forcing schools to let boys play girls sports (45 percent/55 percent)
  2. Lowering deportations for illegals who have committed a crime (45 percent/55 percent)
  3. Stopping the Keystone Pipeline (47 percent/53 percent)
  4. Lowering immigration enforcement (49 percent/51 percent)

The poll then asked if people who illegally cross the border from Mexico should be sent back to Mexico or released into America with a court date?

Sixty-seven percent said they should be sent back, and 33 percent said they should be released into America.

The poll also had the question, “do you believe that holes in the border wall should be patched or should they be left open?”

Seventy-three percent said patched, while 27 percent said left open.