White House Goes Dark As Biden’s Mental Capabilities Plummet

If you spent any time reading our coverage of Joe Biden during the campaign, you know what we think of his mental ability. It’s non-existent. Throughout the 2020 Election, Biden exhibited troubling signs of mental decline. His campaign only managed to survive by exploiting the COVID panic, keeping him hidden away and only released pre-recorded videos.

But even then, Biden couldn’t hide the signs. The man struggled to communicate. More than just his trademark gaffes, Biden slurred his speech, stumbled over written remarks, and couldn’t even pronounce words. Then there were the many times he forgot basic facts, like where he was. Or the notable moments his temper flared up at a reporter, signs of failing mental strength.

Did you really think that was all going to go away, if he entered the White House? In his first two months in office, Joe has been mysteriously absent from public view. Normally, when someone becomes president, they are pretty busy. Their first 100 days are marked by frequent meetings, visits, and speeches. But Biden hasn’t even given his address to the Joint Sessions of Congress—something required by the Constitution.

Now, we are learning the White House is making sure we get as few views of the man as possible.

[H]is administration has closed off — at least for now — several key avenues via which the press and public have for years gained a modicum of transparency, accessibility and accountability from the White House…

Notably, the White House has said that while it will divulge records of individuals who physically visit the White House, it will not be sharing virtual visitor logs…

The Biden administration has also removed the popular “We the People” petitioning platform originally started by President Barack Obama and continued through the Trump administration…

Gone, also, are White House tours, which the administration claims have been “suspended until further notice.” [Source: Just the News]

Oh, is this all just a coincidence? Access to the president that has been common for years is being suddenly shut down by the Biden administration. Even the popular petition platform set up by Obama is gone. Americans can’t get tours of the White House—something enjoyed by generations of citizens. And Biden won’t even reveal who he is speaking to online on a daily basis.

Why? We don’t have to guess. Biden has increasingly shown signs of trouble. We’ve seen very little of him since entering office. When he does make appearances, he doesn’t instill any confidence. The man has struggled to talk, always appears confused and lethargic. CNN claims he goes to bed at 7 PM each night—early even for a regular person, let alone the leader of the country.

Recent appearances haven’t gone well. He entirely forgot where he was and who he was with at a recent trip to Houston.

Is it any wonder why his staff are trying to hide him? And why Americans are wondering if the man is even calling the shots?