Democrat Let’s It Slip — They’re Coming For Your Guns

House Representative James Clyburn has admitted that the gun control legislation he just put forth is only the “first step” in the left’s planned anti-gun process.

Despite always saying they don’t want to round up people’s guns, they continue to push policies designed to target firearm ownership.

Now, instead of hiding their intentions, some are outright gloating over their plans to destroy the Second Amendment.

During an NPR interview, Clyburn talked about his recent legislation and signaled that there would be more agendas coming soon. He said extending the time for background checks “is a good initial step.” He then changed to talking about universal background checks.

“A majority of Americans support universal background checks,” Clyburn stated. “This legislation is needed to make sure guns are out of the hands of those people who should not have them.”

President Biden, during his campaign, pledged to pursue an anti-gun agenda. He insisted he would push a ban on “assault weapons” to supposedly guard Americans from violence. The president also wants to “stop immunity for gun makers who knowingly put war weapons on our streets.”

He says these plans “will help to end our problem of gun violence and make our schools safer.”

But the harsh reality is that this will make it harder for law-abiding people to own guns will only ensure that those people who get them illegally will have them.

This agenda is not about making our community safer, it is only about power, which is the whole reason why the left pushes against legal gun ownership.