Democrats Supply Themselves With Unchecked Election Power

Lawmakers have gotten back to Capitol Hill to discuss the very controversial H.R.1 bill. Talks were planned to resume this week as Democrats attempt to change election law forever.

House reps. recently starting debating the large 791 page legislation, which some say will lead to even more problematic elections.

Called the For the People Act 2021, or H.R. 1 for short, the bill would alter almost all election rules with automatic voter registration forced for absentee and early ballots as well as giving felons the ability to vote.

Trump said the bill was a “monster that needs to be stopped” while on stage at CPAC 2021.

“Have you heard about HR1? It is a disaster. Their bill will drastically restrain speech, empower the feds to stop dissent and turns the election commission into a political weapon,” he said. “Plus, it virtually removes voter ID nationwide, and ends all voter registration deadlines.”

The new bill will also aid small contributions given to candidates by matching those donations with six times the amount, paid by taxpayer money.

“Requires states to let felons vote and puts un-elected people in charge of congressional districts, that will be a lot of fun,” Trump said.