Democrats ‘Gift’ Themselves Millions Of Votes

Far-left Democrats have unsuccessfully attempted to lower the federal voting age to 16 from 18-years-old in a last-minute amendment to the H.R.1 bill.

The amendment failed with a vote of 125 for and 302 against.

Reporters noted that many Democrats sided with the GOP in voting against the far-left amendment. But the complete bill was passed with a vote of 220-210.

GOP members slammed the legislation for granting voting rights to felons and automatically signing up voters who are in particular government databases. Those databases include food stamps, unemployment-insurance, and even if the person was 16 years old.

“They want 16-year-olds and felons to vote,” said Representative Andy Biggs, R., Ariz. “What could happen?”

He said the “bill is a dangerous path on which Democrats want to go down, and if we don’t stop it, it will become more difficult to reverse course onto a better road that restores trust in America.”

Fox News said that Representative Ayanna Pressley, D-Mass., one of the lawmakers behind the age amendment, stated this week: “A 16-year-old in 2021 has the maturity and wisdom that comes from 2021 hardships, 2021 challlenges, and 2021 threats. Now is the moment for us to show the bravery that matches the challenges of the modern 16-year-old.”