GOP Attorneys Expose The Left’s Election-Stealing Moves

House Dems passed HR 1 on Wednesday with no GOP support. The bill is claimed to help election integrity but is full of radical line-items to change the electoral system, including stopping voter identification laws, forcing taxpayer funding of campaigns, and weakening voter security. 

Republicans are pointing out that HR 1 helps politicians.

A group of GOP Attorneys General, led by Todd Rokita, Indiana’s AG, highlighted HR 1’s flaws. The group wrote to leadership on both sides, saying that HR 1 is unconstitutional.

“If this act is passed, it would federalize state elections and put large regulations and costs on state and local governments. The Act would turn the constitutional structure upside down, take control of state resources, confuse election procedures, and erode trust in our elections and governance.”

The attorneys added that the push to undermine voter identification rules, which are very popular with the public, via HR 1 only endangers our elections more.

“…this measure would destroy meaningful voter ID rules by letting a statement act as a replacement for document-backed identification. This does very little to guarantee voters are who they claim they are. Good voter ID laws, however, force all voters to present photo identification, on-the-spot, to prove their right to vote. This refutes challenges based on vague suspicions. Fair elections treat all voters the same. By that standard, this measure is not about fair elections.”

The bill would need the support of 10 GOP Senators to land on Biden’s desk and overcome a filibuster.