BLM Targets Children In Anti-White Attack

Anti-white BLM members were protesting through the city of Louisville, Kentucky this weekend.

They eventually stopped in front of a convention center and started to verbally attack little white kids and their parents who were attempting to get inside to a cheerleading event.

The anti-whites were lined up in front of the center and the people were forced go through them to get inside the building.

One anti-white was on a bullhorn screaming at the white children to “Do something black today with your white privilege instead of cheer.” The girls were confused as to why they were being attacked.

“Black moms are burying their children while white moms take their kids to cheer-leading. Do something black with your white privilege,” the anti-white person attacked the children. As they were yelling at the children, some were also armed.

How terrible is it to go after kids for their race? One family member remarked on twitter about how the little girls and brothers and sisters were all terrified. “Pro tip, leftists? When you’re going for little kids, you’re on the wrong side of everything right.”

In the end, it did not go well for these anti-white bigots.

Police show up some time later and grab two of the larger guys, one of whom was blocking the road.

The anti-whites asked the police why are they being arrested and why were the police armed. But the real question is, why were anti-whites, who had it planned to go for white kids, armed?