Battleground State’s GOP Brings Down The Thunder On Fraudsters

We don’t really have to rehash the insanity that was the 2020 Election. Never in the history of our country did we see states (many conservative to boot) so utterly botch something that should have been routine. We can spend all day discussing the “irregularities” and problems that cast the election results into question—but social media giants would ban us for “misinformation.” Yep, it’s 1984 on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter my friend.

But what we can say is that, among the states that did a terrible job handling the election, Georgia might have been the worst (close send is Pennsylvania). The traditionally Republican state mysteriously went for Biden, after radicals like Stacey Abrams pushed for last-minute rule changes that gave the left an advantage.

The Republican leadership was powerless to verify thousands of ballots. And those problems appeared to spill over in the January runoffs, where radical Democrats took the seats of incumbent Republicans.

But there might be light at the end of the tunnel. As numerous states try to frantically fix the holes in their election systems, Georgia’s Senate just passed a major bill.

The Georgia senate passed election reform legislation on Monday that contains various components, including that it would eliminate no-excuse absentee voting and limit mail-in ballots to individuals who qualify based on specific criteria…

“Under the proposed legislation, those who are eligible to vote by mail will be limited to people who are physically disabled; or are over 65 years old; are eligible as a military or overseas voter; have a religious holiday around election day; work in elections; or somehow need to be outside their voting precinct during the early voting period and election day…”

The legislation calls for a telephone hotline to field reports about voter intimidation and election fraud that would be examined by the state’s attorney general within three days, the Epoch Times reported. The outlet said that voter identification would be mandatory to request an absentee ballot under the legislation. [Source: Just the News]

The new bill would seemingly patch up those holes that have been aggressively exploited by Democrats in 2020. It’s no secret that the left used COVID as an excuse to make mail-in voting mainstream. Allegedly millions of ballots across the country were sent out to registered voters, making it nearly impossible to check if those ballots were being used by the real voters.

Many states are now trying to prevent a repeat of that in 2022 and 2024. But questions still linger. There are some conservative states that had absentee and mail-in voting in 2020, but had no signs of irregularities or fraud, such as Florida and Texas. Those states had secure processes for preventing fraud or any other problems. So, why would Georgia think this one new law would immediately solve their problem—when there are still other ways to cheat?

Unless they have a strict deadline for ballots—on or before election day—people will continue to ballot harvest. Unless they reject Dominion software and other questionable services, fraud is still a likelihood. Unless they hold accountable election officials who “lost” thumb drives full of votes, none of this is going to help.

Perhaps Georgia needs to take a much harder look at their voting process, so people like Abrams can’t steal our democracy again.