Biden Schedules His Own Humiliation

President Biden will issue his first prime-time speech as President this Thursday, exactly one year after the pandemic shutdown most of the country. It will be his first address since taking office.

White House Press Secretary Psaki said President Biden looks forward to “highlighting the role Americans will play in defeating the virus and taking us back to normal.”

Biden has postponed his first address, which his administration claims is partly due to covid. He has not had a formal press briefing, and has not scheduled his first state of the union address, though NBC News has reported that the latter will possibly be pushed into April.

“Our hope is to use the well of the House,” an official told reporters. “But there are many factors that decide if we’re able to.”

Former President Trump played a large role in the development of the vaccine with Operation Warp Speed, a program designed to incentivize companies to create a vaccine at record pace.

Biden has also sought to speed up the vaccine, promising 150 million vaccinations within his first 100 days.

The WHO declared the coronavirus a pandemic on March 11, 2020. President Trump declared a national emergency on March 13, 2020, essentially shutting down the economy for almost a year.