Clinton Advisor Makes Stunning Biden Prediction

Dick Morris, a former Bill Clinton adviser, has said that Democrats will be invoking the 25th Amendment on President Biden. During an interview this Sunday, Morris claimed Democrats are planning the move in their minds and not saying it publicly.

The 25th Amendment states that if a president loses his or her ability to do his job, then the VP would take charge with the approval of the Executive Cabinet.

Morris’ words came after 30 Democrats penned a letter to President Biden, asking him to give up his sole authority to the country’s nuclear codes.

“So that an attack could not be conducted without consulting with Cabinet or with Congressional leaders, something no president has been asked since we’ve had nuclear weapons,” Morris said. “I think those events show that Democrats have in their minds, and increasingly publicly, to remove Biden under the 25th Amendment.”

The former Clinton adviser also said Democrats have declining confidence in President Biden and his decision making abilities.