Republican Delivers Stunning Ultimatum To Feds

While talking about Democrats’ gun control agenda this week, Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) made his point that “the government will never know what guns I own.”

Roy said this as Democrats’ universal checks bill was being discussed. Universal background checks force a gun registry to be created in order to be actionable, and Roy stated he would not give up information on his weapons.

TheFirstonTv quoted Rep. Roy saying, “The government will never know what weapons I own. Let’s be clear about that. It won’t happen!”

Conservatives have noted before that Democrats admitted the desire for a gun registry as they argued for universal background checks after the Sandy Hook shooting.

The link between firearm registration and universal background checks prove the creeping nature of universal checks to start with. They are the one type of gun control that leads to other forms of control, including confiscation.