Anti-Trump Hoax Ends With Feds Arresting Their Own

The feds are now targeting their own informant as the hoax kidnapping case organized against Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer comes to an end.

Stephen Robeson, a Wisconsin citizen, is being tossed aside after cooperating with feds to help organize this silly plot based on alleged talk of alleged anti-government “Boogaloo Boys” angered with Whitmer’s lockdown.

Robeson stirred up the Wolverine Watchmen group with violent talk for months. The feds then strategically waited for Oct. 2020, allowing these supposed “insurrectionists” to be free for months, in an attempt to connect former President Trump to the behavior of these “militants” right before the election.

Court documents show that Robeson met the group during a pro-gun meeting in Ohio. Adam Fox, who has been called a mentally-ill homeless man, was used as a patsy to lead the efforts. Robeson also went to a Northern Michigan tactical training session that officials claimed was to prepare for the kidnapping.

Robeson was not the only informant who worked to create this sting. One informant was given $8,600 to turn on the group and give the state a reason to call them terrorists. Robeson’s case proves the deep state should never be trusted and will toss away their informants the moment they are no longer useful.

The supposed kidnapping plot has completely unraveled as nothing more than an organized scam, set into motion by deep state law enforcement.