Top Senator Roadblocks Military’s Heinous New Attack

Texas Senator Ted Cruz (R) this Sunday wrote a letter to Lloyd Austin, the Defense Secretary, over the Military’s use of official communications to target Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

The senator said that Military officials are prohibited from utilizing their official capacities for partisan politics. Instead of following the DOD policies, Military officials, Cruz said, made public attacks on Carlson “for the benefit of leftwing ideology.”

One of the worries the senator expressed is with Military officers claiming civilians must not criticize them unless they have served in the Military. This type of behavior, Cruz says, “weaponizes” the Military and destroys generations of tradition.

“This risks of politicizing the military after hundreds of years of efforts to maintain separation between military officials and domestic affairs, harming relations by having the military take sides in a cultural issue, and the view that military officials are weaponizing the institution against critics of the current administration,” he said.

Using a Military office for political conduct may also trigger anger among servicemembers, causing it to be harder to keep discipline, the senator stated.

Cruz ended his letter by asking for a meeting to talk about the event as well as a response from the DOD.