American Democracy Comes Crashing Down — See How

A top political analyst has warned that the Dem-proposed election bill is signaling the removal of democracy in America. In a recent interview, Mark Meckler of the Convention of States Project stated that the Democrats want to guarantee its dominance over the nation’s politics with the H.R. 1 bill.

Meckler stressed the bill would be a top-down takeover of local and state elections, adding that H.R. 1 would normalize fraud and illegal voting to elect Democrats with mail-in ballots.

The analyst is pleading with states to push back against this overreach and protect the integrity of America’s elections.

“Article V of the Constitution grants us the power to bring a Convention of States when 34 states request it, to get together to put new restrictions on the federal structure through new amendments,” Meckler said. “So far 15 states have asked for a convention, it takes 34 states for this to happen. We have more than 5 million volunteers and activists around the nation.”

Meckler stressed that the federal government will not stop eroding states’ rights, including using voter fraud, until states stand up to their power grabs.