Trump Delivers Blistering Response To The Media’s Latest Lie

President Trump has called the Washington Post‘s new admission that their publication misquoted his call with election officials in Georgia a “travesty.”

“While I thank the Washington Post for their correction, the first story was a Hoax from the start,” Trump said to reporters.” I would also like an investigation into Fulton County, Georgia, and Stacey Abrams which, I think, would completely change the tide of the presidential election.”

“You will see establishment media omissions and complete lies always go one way—against me and against conservatives,” Trump said. “While this happens, stories that harm Democrats or their narratives are ignored or buried until they do the least amount of harm. A great democracy needs an honest press.”

Trump also restated his belief that election fraud happened in Georgia, especially votes in Fulton County, which were not audited for signature verification. “They only investigated areas where there would be the fewest problems, and they still uncovered lots of mistakes,” Trump said.

“This media travesty proves that media outlets should be seen as political organizations—not journalistic companies.”

This week the Washington Post published a correction to their article after a call recording came out, which was discovered in the trash of Georgia investigator Frances Watson’s computer, showing that Donald Trump did not pressure officials to “find the fraud.”

Instead, their correction says, “President Trump pushed the investigator to analyze ballots in Fulton County, Ga., claiming she would see ‘dishonesty’” The initial fake story was “verified” by other legacy media outlets.