Democrats Hysterical After Poll Confirms Their Biggest Fear

A new Rasmussen Reports poll published on Wednesday reveals that 75% of Americans want voter ID laws that require people to show photo I.D. before voting — including a whopping 60% of Democrats.

Meanwhile, Democrats are pushing legislation to overrule state voter ID laws. H.R. 1 has already passed the Dem-controlled House and will be sent to the Senate soon.

Numerous Democrats are wanting the filibuster to be removed or changed so that H.R. 1 may be passed by a simple majority vote, ending voter ID.

Voter ID is the norm in most of the world — including poor and war-torn areas like Uganda and Iraq.

Democrats, like Senate Majority Leader Dick Durbin (D-IL), the number two member of his group, said this week that the filibuster needs to be changed because it is “being abused by some to hold up legislation urgently required and wanted by a majority of the American public.”

However, a large majority opposes sections of H.R. 1. — especially the voter ID measures, which go against the preferences of three fourths of U.S. voters, according to Rasmussen.

H.R. 1 says that states “may not force a voter to give any identification in order to receive an absentee ballot” and allows people to present a “written statement” instead of a photo ID, which it claims is a restriction on voter rights.