Even Democrats Are Fed Up With Biden’s Lack Of Transparency

Around the time Joe Biden was “elected” president, he promised the country the most open and transparent administration ever. That should have been easy, right? After all, why would a liberal president be afraid of answering a few questions from biased, liberal reporters?

But the Biden administration has been anything but transparent. Joe himself continues to hide from the media’s questions. He is giving apparently little access to his White House Press Secretary, Jen Psaki. She has to “circle back” to questions she has no answers to so many times, it’s become a joke.

Biden’s administration has refused to answer a variety of challenges to its decisions. They don’t discuss how his radical environmental agenda has killed thousands of union jobs. Biden has been too cowardly to confront Andrew Cuomo over many, credible sexual harassment charges. And when it comes to the exploding border crisis, the administration pretends like nothing is happening.

Finally, reporters are starting to get fed up with the lack of answers.

Multiple reporters pressed White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki during Wednesday’s press briefing over the alleged lack of access the media has had to view scenes from the border crisis and to talk with border officials.

Reporters specifically asked why there still have not been any images that have been released from inside the detention facilities where the Biden administration is keeping thousands of children. Multiple reporters also expressed frustration that, under the Biden administration, border agents allegedly “can’t do ride-alongs” and can’t “answer questions about what’s happening inside.” [Source: Daily Wire]

One reporter slammed Psaki, saying the administration “promised to be the most truthful and transparent,” yet they can’t get access to the DHS. Psaki’s response? She told the reporter to go to the DHS directly about questions regarding the border.

Uh-huh. Reporters just explained that the administration was not letting them have access to DHS officials and the border. How are they supposed to get answers from them, then?

Psaki claimed they “fully support transparency.” I guess her definition of “transparency” is “not telling anyone, anything, ever.”

When members of the MSM are getting frustrated with a liberal administration, you know it’s really bad.

They never had this problem under Obama. The media gushed over the man and his administration gave them plenty of access.

So, why is Biden’s administration so unwilling to answer basic questions? Could it be because nobody within the administration knows what they’re doing? Joe hides from the press because he doesn’t want people to know he’s losing his mind. His border officials are scrambling because they got rid of every last defense. Hell, even his press secretary can’t even do her job.

The White House has become a total circus. They refuse to provide transparency, because they don’t want the world to know how badly things are going.

But the great irony is, we already know. The fact that Biden is so rarely transparent and honest tells us everything we need to know about this failing administration.