Forced Vaccinations Are In Your Future — See When

President Biden wants Americans to wear masks “until every American is vaccinated,” indefinitely prolonging his past request of 100 days of mask wearing.

This week, during a press event on the relief payment, President Biden said, “So I ask all preachers, doctors and priests to tell people why it’s important to get vaccinated, and until everyone is vaccinated, to wear a mask.”

President Biden’s demand that “everyone” wear masks until all of us are vaccinated goes against his January 26 comments.

“Doctors say that wearing masks from now until April would save 50,000 lives. That’s why I’m requesting that people wear a mask for the next 100 days,” Biden said.

Biden also pointed to the date of May 1 when “there will be enough vaccine supply for everyone” for Americans to get the vaccine. “Because of all of our work, we will soon have enough vaccine for all adults,” Biden said.

President Biden is hinting that, to be allowed to stop wearing masks, Americans will have to submit to complete vaccination. This means the vaccination could possibly not be optional after all.