Psaki Slips – Reveals What’s Actually Going On At The Border

You and I know there is a crisis at the border. The government knows there is a crisis. Heck, even the migrants in detention centers know there is a crisis. But the wimps in the Biden administration refuse to admit the same thing.

Since Biden took office, thousands of migrants flooded the border. Some have sought asylum, others have jumped the border, hoping that “catch-and-release” will mean they can stay. Biden’s border officials were quickly overwhelmed, unable or unwilling to maintain control. As they pretend like nothing’s going on, they are shipping illegals to centers all over the country.

As if we’re not supposed to notice all this!

To this day, nobody in the administration is even willing to acknowledge things are out of control. The best they’ve said is that there is a “problem” not a full-blown humanitarian crisis.

But for just one moment, Biden’s Spox let the mask slip.

As America faces a surge of migrants along its southern border, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki used the phrase “crisis on the border” on Thursday when answering a reporter’s question, but walked the comment back when another reporter pointed out that she had used the term…

“There have been expectations set outside of, unrelated to, any vaccine doses or requests for them, that they would be partners in dealing with the crisis on the border,” Psaki said.

When a different reporter later noted that Psaki had used the term “crisis on the border,” she appeared to edit her phraseology to “challenges on the border,” and indicated that her use of “crisis on the border” did not reflect any change in the administration’s view of the situation. [Source: Just the News]

Way to cover for each other, crooked liberals! After Psaki admits there is a crisis, another reporter essentially says, “Uh, hey! You used that word we’re not supposed to use!” And Psaki has to backtrack and pretend like it never happened.

No, it’s not a “crisis.” It’s a collection of “challenges.” Hmm, funny how we didn’t have these challenges when Donald Trump was president. All this started after Joe Biden removed a variety of protections that prevented illegals from testing the border.

What does the White House expect us to think about all this? Is the word “challenges” really all that better than “crisis.” They are admitting they were not prepared for this problem and do not have the skills or resources to handle it.

Democrats constantly attacked Trump for his strong measures on the border. Yet we see how they confront problems: they quickly get flustered, confused, make constant mistakes, and are more concerned with appearances (and using the right words) than making anything better.

At least Trump didn’t shy away from the hard stuff. At least he called a spade a spade, a crisis a crisis. And he made no apologies for doing the right thing for America.

Biden is making the situation much worse by the day, pretends like it’s not happening, and couldn’t care less about America.