Contested State Tries To Fix Election ‘Mistakes’ – But It’s Too Late

If you’ve been following us since the 2020 Election, you know all about the many problems key states had in counting their votes. There was more than enough evidence to suggest last-minute rule changes produced “irregularities” that some people believe were exploited to change the outcome of the election.

One of the most-discussed states to fumble the 2020 Election was Georgia. The deeply-red state mysteriously accepted rule changes and other policies that opened the door to unusual ballot tallies, last-minute “dumps,” and votes “forgotten” on thumb drives.

Trump condemned the Republican leadership of Georgia for further failing to confront irregularities, even as the Secretary of State refused to admit fraud had occurred. But clearly, the state knew something fishy was going on. Because now they are finally trying to correct the many mistakes they made.

Legislation to prohibit private funding of election administration and limit the number and location of drop boxes for the deposit of vote by mail absentee ballots is moving through key committees of the Georgia State Senate and the Georgia House of Representatives with just four legislative days left in the current session of the Georgia General Assembly…

Gov. Kemp has indicated general support for election integrity reforms but has not specifically stated he will sign the election integrity reform bill both houses of the Georgia General Assembly are likely to pass before the session ends on March 31. [Source: Breitbart]

Georgia is seeking to make two key changes to its election systems that could have a dramatic impact on preventing fraud and irregularities in the future. The one is obvious: limit the number of drop boxes being used for absentee ballots. Ballot harvesting was a major problem in 2020. Democratic operatives would use drop boxes to cram ballots for their candidate. Limiting these boxes would make it easier for election officials to police who is voting and how.

That brings us to the other change: preventing private funding of election administration. You don’t need me to tell you how bad it is for the election administration to be receiving funds from private sources. Who knows who is literally paying off those who are in charge of Georgia’s elections? Are they just citizens, supporting democracy? Or PACs that want to install their own officials, who will do what they say?

While it is good news Georgia is pushing these bills through, we have to ask why they let this kind of thing go on in the first place? Numerous states let changes be made for the 2020 Election, only to permanently ban them in the months that followed.

It’s almost as if the establishment, all across the country, was working to make it easier for Biden to oust Trump. But after that, they repaired their election processes.

It’s a cynical thing to think, but we’re seeing states across the country finally address problems we wrote about months ago. Both Georgia and Arizona are passing new laws, with lawsuits and other challenges happening elsewhere.

If they bothered to do this before November, we’d still have a legitimate presidency!