[WATCH] Kamala Caught On Video Doing The Unforgivable

VP Kamala Harris is getting lots of shame for not saluting the military guards when boarding Air Force Two.

There is no exact regulation that forces the vice president to salute military troops, but it is a tradition for our leaders to salute the guard stationed at the steps of Air Force One or Marine One.

A tradition begun by Ronald Reagan.

VP Kamala Harris was in Florida on Monday, and a video of her going right past the guard while boarding Air Force Two went viral online. A quick search will reveal this was not a one time oversight on her part.

America has come a long way since President Reagan… and obviously this is one area where we have fallen.

Richard Grenell, who was director of National Intelligence under President Trump, said that Kamala’s snub should be corrected.

Former NYPD Commissioner Bernard Kerik called it “disgraceful” — in a very forceful way.

“It is an obvious show of her dislike for people in uniform, both military and law-enforcement,” he said.

Here’s a look at a few other responses to her disrespect:

Author: Blake Ambrose