Cancel Culture Comes For The Military — But It Won’t End Well

GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz (Fla.) targeted the House Armed Services Committee for going for conservative troops under the guise of a hearing on extremism inside America’s military.

Speaking during the hearing, the Florida lawmaker accused the committee of being more worried about “woke culture” than guarding our troops. He went on to say radical extremism exists within North Korea and the Chinese Communist Party, who are threatening us with their nuclear missiles.

Gaetz smartly highlighted that the topic of extremism in the military is simply an effort for Democrats to boost their far-left agenda.

“The whole purpose of this hearing is to gaslight the targeting of American military troops and patriots who do not have the preapproved politics of the left,” Gaetz said. “This is not concerning extremism, it’s not about white supremacy. It’s about woke supremacy.”

Gaetz then went on to talk about the diversity of our military, saying that Democrats are using this idea of extremism as a way to go for supporters of Trump.

Author: Scott Dowdy