Cuomo Exposed In Yet Another Scandal: This One Tops Them All

Well, they say when it rains, it pours. And it’s pouring down like a monsoon for New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. The poor guy can’t catch a break. If it’s not one scandal dogging his career, it’s another. It seems he just can’t stay out of the press for one day, without a new report dooming him.

Not that I’m broken up about it. He’s just facing the consequences of his own actions, after all.

It started with a report that his office covered up the number of nursing home deaths in the state. He did this, after he previously ordered COVID positive folks back into nursing homes. When that hit the press, former staffers decided to come forward and accuse him of sexual harassment.

Apparently, Democrats didn’t care too much about the thousands of dead elderly. But when a handful of women claimed Cuomo assaulted them, then they jumped into action. A large crowd of Democrats, mostly from New York, are calling on the governor to resign.

Now, a new scandal has surfaced. It seems Cuomo tried to put his family at the head of the COVID testing line.

New York Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo — already facing scandals and numerous calls to resign — allegedly directed public health officials to prioritize his family, including his brother, CNN host Chris Cuomo, to receive priority for coronavirus testing.

“High-level members of the state Department of Health were directed last year by Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo and Health Commissioner Dr. Howard Zucker to conduct prioritized coronavirus testing on the governor’s relatives as well as influential people with ties to the administration,” The Times Union reported. “Members of Cuomo’s family including his brother, his mother and at least one of his sisters were also tested by top health department officials — some several times.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Cuomo’s office (I’m surprised there’s anyone left working there) claims he did not show preferential treatment when he demanded officials put his family first. And that these claims are being distorted, much like all the other horrible things he did.

You might remember that last year, COVID testing was at one point rare. It was a new disease and companies were struggling to produce enough tests to meet demand. In New York, which was hit hard by the virus, tests were in short supply.

So, you can imagine how a well-connected, corrupt leader would pressure officials to use the few tests they had on his family.

I’m sorry, but I’m not buying Cuomo’s excuse that this report is being distorted just to hurt him. The man bragged about his “leadership” during the crisis, writing a book singing his own praises. The irony, of course, is that New York survived because Donald Trump surged support early on.

Apparently, Cuomo did very little during this pandemic, except for dooming nursing home residents and putting his family at the head of the line. There is already an FBI investigation into what he did to elderly New Yorkers.

Perhaps they need to investigate this too.