DHS Targets Trump Supporters In a Terrifying New Way

The DHS has said they will be possibly watching the movements of Trump’s supporters in their most recent push to upend the Bill of Rights and bring the terror wars to America.

A senior police official told reporters that the federal authorities are planning possible illegal searches of alleged extremists at TSA points in airports and enlarging the no-fly list as a means to punish dissidents. They are using the mostly-peaceful Jan. 6 protest as the reason for this unconstitutional move.

“Domestic violent extremism is the most persistent and lethal terrorism threat to our nation today,” a DHS official said.

“DHS is focused on increasing security and is looking at options for increasing screening and travel analyses, keeping in line with civil rights and privacy,” they said.

While the feds are targeting Trump supporters and patriots, they let Islamic terrorists cause terror and anti-white rioters burn down buildings and cities without consequence.

Author: Blake Ambrose