Leaked Photo Proves Biden’s Health Crisis — See It Here

President Biden has got a lot of push-back after his press conference this week over his overflowing notes, as well as a newly released photo showing that he had seemingly pre-selected journalists to call on.

Chris Wallace of Fox News, a Democrat, stated he was “shocked that on every foreign policy question, Biden went to his notes like Jen Psaki does during her press briefings, and was reading clear White House talking points.”

“Watching Ronald Reagan for years, I never saw such a thing,” Wallace went on. “Seeing a lot of conferences, I have never witnessed that — a president reading off talking points. He did that after, it looked like, every foreign policy question.”


A picture that was taken of President Biden at the stand showed that he seemed to have a list of reporters to call on. The reporters were a small group, and their numbers were correlated to the order in which Biden called on them.

At no time during the conference did President Biden look to be holding a pen, meaning the journalists were selected before he got to the podium, where his notes were waiting for him.

“Fox News journalist Peter Doocy was there but President Biden did not call on him, instead using a list that he kept looking at when deciding who he would call on,” The Daily Wire said. “All of the journalists that President Biden called on were from liberal publications and even far-left activists who pretend to be reporters.”

Many political strategists have said online that President Biden seemed to have got the questions in advance. These allegations have not been proven. Although there were reports from Biden’s first days in office that claimed Biden’s team asked for reporters’ questions before briefings.

Author: Scott Dowdy