Trump Responds After Biden Makes a Fool Of Himself

Joe Biden held his first solo press conference of his administration, nearly two months later than he should. The man hasn’t even given his Address to the Joint Sessions of Congress yet (aka: the State of the Union), so we shouldn’t be surprised that he was scared to simply talk to reporters.

Plenty of people will be discussing the press conference today. The MSM will try to spin it as a victory for Sleepy Joe, whose handlers frequently keep him away from the press. But there will be a portion of commentators who will rip the conference apart for the staged sham that it was.

One of those commentators is our 45th president himself, Donald Trump. Trump frequently held press conferences with the media. Despite the intense bias and hatred the MSM showed him, Trump always held his ground and answer every loaded question they threw at him.

But Trump was surprised to find that the same wolves that hounded him his four years, were practically puppies when they talked to Joe. And he seems to be suggesting it was all pre-arranged.

President Donald Trump said that the press asked President Biden softball questions during Biden’s press conference earlier in the day.

“Well they were strange questions and they were asked in a very interesting way. It was like softballs, like you’re throwing softballs up,” Trump said.

“It’s very sad to watch actually. They’re feeding him questions, they’re easy questions. I noticed Peter Doocy didn’t get to ask a question today. And there could be no difficult questions and they’re ready to rip the microphone away if somebody did get a little bit testy.” [Source: Just the News]

Donald Trump has seen what a real press conference looks like from the inside. Reporters are allowed to ask virtually anything to the president—and he is obligated to ask. Yet Trump claimed reporters, finally given a chance to speak with Joe, only gave him “softball” questions.

Trump seemed to imply they had been submitted to Biden’s staff in advance, saying they were “feeding him questions.” Some evidence suggests this wasn’t a real press conference at all and that reporters had to submit questions to Biden prior to the event. A photo showed Biden had a list of reporters to call on—and in what order—while he ignored others.

It’s pretty pathetic to see the same “sharks” that gave Donald Trump no wiggle room act like Biden is a baby in daycare. They are unwilling to call out his administration for the many failures they’ve already made. Reporters are totally unwilling to hold Biden to the same impossible standard they held Trump.

This goes beyond political bias, of course. In the past, reporters had no problem hitting other Democrat presidents with hard questions. Why are they so unwilling to do the same with Joe? Do they know Joe is mentally unable to function as president and he is perhaps just doing what his handlers say? Are these reporters in on a possible cover-up?

We can’t say for sure, but we know these reporters just aren’t doing their jobs.