Anti-White Extremists Take Over The Military

An official hired to lead U.S. Special Operations Command’s office of inclusion and diversity compared President Trump to Adolf Hitler in a picture posted to Facebook in 2020.

USSOCOM, which manages unconventional warfare and counterterrorism, said that Richard Torres-Estrada took control on March 1 as leader of the Inclusion & Diversity unit.

The Pentagon recently started the unit as part of its agenda for “diversity.” Which critics say is simply a way of targeting white people indirectly.

Torres-Estrada’s far-left social media comments started circulating online after SOCOM announced his new job.

Back in 2020, Torres-Estrada shared a side-by-side photo of Hitler and Trump, both holding Bibles. The picture of Trump was taken outside of St. John’s Church in D.C., which was damaged during the George Floyd riots.

The Hitler picture had been photo-shopped to include Trump’s hand and the Bible.

Tucker Carlson highlighted Torres-Estrada’s social media posts on his show. Saying “the point he tried to make is, they are the same,” Carlson said about the Trump-Hitler comparison. “So, this is the person who will now oversee hiring for the SEALs.”


A spokesperson for USSOCOM said over the weekend that they have started an investigation into the posts.

“We are aware of the posts, and the command has begun an investigation,” Ken McGraw, a spokesperson for USSOCOM said.

Author: Scott Dowdy