CDC Director Goes On A Fear Mongering Rant

CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky has warned of “impending doom” as an increase in coronavirus cases happens nationwide. Walensky looked to fight back tears as she showed fear that the country could soon see a fourth surge — even as the nation has averaged almost 2.7 million vaccinations over last week alone.

“Hospitalizations are higher and deaths are slowly increasing with around 1,000 deaths a day,” she said.

“Now is when I must share the truth and I must hope you will listen,” Walensky said. “I have a feeling of impending doom. We have cause for hope, but right now, I am scared.”

Walensky then said “the pandemic looks similar to other European nations” like France and Germany, where she claimed there was a “troubling spike in cases.”

“We can alter that trajectory if we continue doing the right things. We cannot do nothing, we must work to stop another surge,” she explained.

The director claimed the recent uptrend in travel and some states loosening restrictions, is possibly behind the surge.

“I fear we will experience another surge like the ones we had over the summer and winter,” she said, adding that she is speaking with governors in a drive to prevent them from “opening up too fast.”

Though she did not say which governors she would speak with, GOP Texas Governor Greg Abbott lifted his state’s mask mandate earlier this month. And a few more states have followed his lead.

Author: Scott Dowdy